Wael Kfoury

Wael Kfoury:
Wael Kfoury is one of the most popular Lebanese male singers since 1990s. He is known of his strong voice, since he started his career with folkloric Lebanese songs, then he presented various music styles, and in the last few years all of his smash hits were slow romantic.

Birth date: September 15, 1974.
Country: Lebanon.
Number of released albums: 13.
Best-selling albums: "Shafoha We Saro Yo'ulo", "Mayet Fiki", "Rayeh A'al Jaish", "Hkayet A'ashe'", "Shu Raa'yek", "Omri Kello", "Arreb Laye", "Wael 2006".
Most popular songs: "Ma Wa'adtek Benjoum Ellail", "Shafoha We Saro Yo'ulo", "Mayet Fiki", "Lail wraa'd wbard wreeh", "Min Habibi Ana" (Feat. Nawal Al Zoughby), "Rayeh A'al Jaish", "Maktobek Melyan Dmoa'", "Hkayet A'ashe'",  "Men Don A'asd", "Sa'alouni", "Shu Raa'yek", "Mza'el Kell Elbanat", "Omri Kello", "Arreb Laye", "Tabki El Tuyour", "Bhebbak Ana Ktir", "Beyhenn".
Latest album: "Beyhenn" (2006).
Current record label: "Rotana".

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