Sherine Abdelwahab

Shireen Abdelwahab:
Shireen Abdelwahab is the best-selling Egyptian female singer in the last 5 years, she is known of her strong warm voice, which is described as one of the best voices in the new Arabic music history. Shireen's albums are always on the top of the sale charts whenever she releases any new album, and it's hard to find any song of her that people don't know and memorize. Between 2006 - 2008, Shireen was absent since she got married and pregnant, and in 2008 she released assorted singles in "Batamminak" album, and she's promising of a strong come back in 2009.

Birth date: October 10, 1980.
Country: Egypt.
Number of released albums: 4.
Best-selling albums: "Ah Ya Leil" (2002), "Garh Tani" (2003), "Lazim Aa'ish" (2005), "Batamminak" (2008).
Most popular songs: "Ah Ya Leil", "Bahebbak Awi", "Grah Tani", "Sabri Alil", "Boss Ba'a", "Betewhashni", "Ana Fel Gharam", "E'inak", "Ma Btefrahsh", "Lazim Aa'ish", "A'ala Bali", "Mafish Marra", "Tammen Albi", "Enta A'akher Wahed", "Mush A'ayza Ghirak", "Beta't El Kalam Da", "Bekelma Mennak", "Batammenak".
Latest album: "Batammenak" (2008).
Current record label: "Rotana".

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