Samira Saeid

Samira Saeid:
Samira Saeid is the best-seller Moroccan singer in the Arabic Music history. Her career has started in 1980, and her long experience just made her improve her music more and more, and present better music in every coming album. Samira's most important switch was in 1998 with "A'albal" album, when she redefined her music identity. Today, Samira Saeid is considered one of the most singers who renew in their music style and present real vocal art in singing giving her songs an additional dimension. 

Birth date: January 10, 1960.
Country: Morocco.
Number of released albums: 30+.
Best-selling albums: "Mush Hatnazel Annak" (1986), "Kull Di Esha'at" (1996), "A'al Bal" (1998), "Rouhi" (1999), "Laila Habibi" (2001), "Youm Wara Youm" (2002), "Awini Bik" (2004), "Ayam Hayati" (2008).
Most popular songs: "Mush Hatnazel Annak", "Kull Di Esha'at", "A'al Bal", "Halet Malal", "Rouhi", "Ah Bahebbak", "Laila Habibi", "Wala Tensani", "Te'dar Te'olli", "Youm Wara Youm", "Alla Ysahellak", "Abeltak Leh", "Men Youmi", "Awini Bik", "Ma Khalas", "Hobb Mayo'us Menno", "Awam Kida", "Sha'et El Zurouf".
Latest album: "Ayam Hayati" (2008).
Current record label: "Mazzika".

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