Rashed Al Majed

Rashed Al Majed:
Rashed Al Majed is one of the most popular singers in the Gulf Region, who presented the new style of "Khaliji" music and reached with its popularity to all of the Arab countries. Rashed is known of his rhythmic songs that he presented during his career since early 1990s.

Birth date: July 19, 1970.
Country: Saudi Arabia.
Number of released albums: 10.
Best-selling albums: "Shama'at Hayati", "Tedhak El Donya", "Al Hadaya", "Mashkalni", "Waili", "Salamat".
Most popular songs: "Ya Rashed", "Ya Nasina", "Al Oyoun", "Mashkalni", "Waili", "Nesainakom", "A'shan El Hobb".
Latest album: "Salamat" (2007).
Current record label: "Funoun Al Jazira".

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