Ragheb Alama

Ragheb Alama:
Ragheb Alama is the best-selling Lebanese male singer throughout the new Arabic music history, he is known of presenting new styles to Arabic music, and renewing his music identity every few years, following up the latest music trends since his career has started in 1980s. The "Superstar" as his fans call him, has various hit list, and in the last few years he focused on romantic slow songs. 

Birth date: June 7, 1962.
Country: Lebanon.
Number of released albums: N/A.
Best-selling albums: "Albi A'ashe'ha", "Ya Hayati", "A'allamtini Ahebb El Donya", "Bravo A'laiki", "Fare' Kbeer", "Saharouni Ellil", "Tab Leh", "El Hobb El Kebeer", "Ba'sha'ak".
Most popular songs: "Albi A'ashe'ha", "Asef Habibti", "Ya Rait", "Ya Hayati", "Tawa'am Rouhi", "A'allamtini Ahebb El Donya",  "Bravo A'laiki", "Fare' Kbeer", "Sayidati El Gamila",  "Habibi Ya Nasi", "Betghib Betrouh" (Feat. Elissa), "Habib Albi", "Saharouni Ellil", "Jenni", "Tab Leh", "El Hobb El Kebeer", "Nassini El Donya", "Wana Wayak", "Serr Hobbi".
Latest album: "Ba'sha'ak" (2008)
Current record label: "Virgin".

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