Nawal Al Zoughby

Nawal Al Zoughby:
Nawal El Zoughby is one of the best-selling-female artists in throughout the new Arabic music history. She is a clever artist that knows very well how a diva image should be defined, and that's how she shined in the middle of 1990s and still keeping her success until today, presenting an example of a post-modern Arabic star.

Birth date: June 29, 1972.
Country: Lebanon.
Number of released albums: 12.
Best-selling albums: "Habbit Ya Leil" (1997), "Ma Andam A'aleik" (1998), "Ellayali" (2000), "Toul Omry" (2001), "Elli Tmannito" (2002), "Enik Kaddabin" (2004), "Khalas Sameht" (2008).
Most popular songs: "Ayza El Radd", "Balae'I Fi Zamani", "Habbit Ya Lil", "Ma Andam A'aleik", "Noss El Alb", "Dalo'una", "Ellayali", "Toul Omry", "Haseb Nafsak", "Elli Tmannito", "Byelba'lak", "Enik Kaddabin", "Be'inak", "Yama A'alo", "A'adi", "Aghla El Habayeb", "Albi Sa'alo", "Leh Mushta'alak".
Latest album: "Khalas Sameht" (2008).
Current record label: "Rotana".

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