Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram is the best-selling Arab artist in the last decade. With her down-to-earth personality, beautiful voice, and great number of smash hits, Nancy became one of the most popular Artists in the Arab World. Since 2003, when she had the real launch of her career with her agent Jiji Lamara, Nancy presented 7 of the most successful albums in the new Arabic Music history. Nancy Ajram's latest album "7" achieved the highest sales in the year 2011. Nancy Ajram has won the "World Music Award" for "Best-Selling Arab Artist" twice: 2008 for "Betfakkar Fi Eh" album, and 2011 for "7" album. Nancy's best sales period is since 2003 until now.

Birth Date: May 16, 1983.
Country: Lebanon.
Number of released albums: 8.
Best-Selling albums: "Ya Salam" (2003), "Ah We Noss" (2005), "Ya Tabtab Wadallaa'" (2006), "Shakhbat Shakhabeet" (2007), "Betfakkar Fi Eh" (2008), "7" (2010).
Most popular songs: "Akhasmak Ah", "Ya Salam", "Yay", "Ah We Noss", "O'ul Tani Kida", "Enta Eh", "Lawn O'younak", "Ya Tabtab Wadallaa'", "Mo'gaba", "Elli Kan", "Ehsas Jdid", "Meshtaga Leik", "Shakhbat Shakhabeet", "Shater Shater", "Betfakkar Fi Eh", "Men Da Elli Nsik", "Noss El Kawn", "Mashi Haddi", "Shagga' Bealamak", "Fi Hagat", "Sheikh El Shabab", "Ya Kether".
Latest album: "7" (2010).
Current record label: "In2Musica".




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