Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam:
Najwa Karam is one of the most important Lebanese singers in the new history of Arabic Music. She is known of her strong voice, and of presenting folkloric Lebanese songs. Najwa has her very defined music identity, which gave her a special music style since she started her career in early 1990s.

Birth date: February 26, 1966.
Country: Lebanon.
Number of released albums: 17.
Best-selling albums: Naghmet Hobb (1994), "Hazzi Helo" (1996), "Maghroumi" (1998), "Rouh Rouhi" (1999), "Oyoun Albi" (2000), "Nedmaneh" (2001), "Saharni" (2003).
Most popular songs: "Law Habbaitak", "Wrood El Dar", "Hazzi Helo", "Khayaroni", "El Gherbal", "A'ala Mahlak", "Hakam El A'adi", "Ma Hada La Hada", "Maghroumi", "Nou'ta A'al Sater", "Rouh Youhi", "Kif Bdawik", "A'atshani", "Khallik A'al Ard", "A'ashega", "Owa'a Tkoun Ze'ilt", "We Kberna", "Saharni", "Edhak Lel Donya", "Shu Mghayara", "Be Hawak", "Shu Jani", "Behebbak Walaa'", "Hayda Haki", "Law Ma Btekzob", "A'm Bemzah Ma'ak", "Enta El Shams".
Latest album: "A'am Bemzah Ma'ak" (2008).
Current record label: "Rotana".

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