Muhammad Fouad

Muhammad Fouad:
Muhammad Fouad started his career in the year 1984, and became later on one of the best-selling artists in Egypt in 1990s. His absence for a few years earlier in 2000s affected his career negatively, but his last 2 albums "Habibi Ya" & "Wala Noss Kelma" had a noticed success in the music markets.

Birth date: December 20, 1961.
Country: Egypt.
Number of released albums: 18.
Best-selling albums: "Fakrak Ya Nasini" (1996), "El Hobb El Ha'ia'i" (1998), "Albi We Rouhi We Omri" (1999), "Law" (2000), "Habibi Ya" (2005), "Wala Noss Kelma" (2007).
Most popular songs: "Tabbelli", "Hawadda'ak", "Fakrak Ya Nasini", "Kamananna", "El Hobb El Ha'ia'i", "Ana Law Habibak", "Law", "Habibi Ya", "Tayeb Tayeb", "Wala Noss Kelma".
Latest album: "Wala Noss Kelma" (2007).
Current record label: "Rotana".

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