Latifa is the most famous Tunisian singer in the new Arabic Music history. Since the 1990s and until now, she is presenting various music styles and making remarkable steps in her career. Latifa is known of caring for the artistic value of her music, which reached its peak with "Ma'loumat Akide" album which was written and composed by Zeyad Al Rahbani. Latifa won the "World Music Award" one time in 2004 for her album "Ma Trouhsh Be'id".

Birth date: February 14, 1961.
Country: Tunisia.
Number of released albums: 21.
Best-selling albums: "Hobbak Hadi", "Talomoni El Donya", "Ma Wahashtaksh", "Ana Ma Atnesish", "Wadeh", "Ma Trouhsh Be'id".
Most popular songs: "Hobbak Hadi", "Bahebb Fi Gharabak", "Ya Sidi Massi", "Ma Wahashtaksh", "Estehala", "Ana Ma Atnesish", "Tani We Talet We Rabe'", "Talomoni El Donya", "Ya Ghaddar", "Wadeh", "Inchalla", "Kerehtak", "Ma Trohsh Be'id", "Benoss El Jaw", "Shofto Be'ini", "Ammenli Bait", "Fel Kam Youm Elli Fato".
Latest album: "Fel Kam Youm Elli Fato" (2008).
Current record label: "Rotana".

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