Kazem Al Saher

Kazem Al Saher:
Kazem Al Saher is the most popular Iraqi singer in the new Arabic Music history, he is known of singing literal Arabic poems specially those which Nizar Qabbani wrote. Kazem created a style of his own since the middle of 1990s when he released "Fi Madrasat El Hobb" Album, and he is keeping this music identity until, being a symbol of classic Arabic music.

Birth date: September 12, 1957.
Country: Iraq.
Number of released albums: 21.
Best-selling albums: "Fi Madrasat El Hobb" (1996), "Ana Wa Layla" (1997), "Habibati Walmatar" (1999), "Alhobb Al Mustaheel" (2000), "Abhathu Anki" (2001), "Hafeyat Al Kadamain" (2003).
Most popular songs: "Salamtak Men El Ah", "Nizlat Lel Bahar", "Fi Madrasat El Hobb", "Zidini Eshqan", "Ana Wa Layla", "Ella Anti", "Akrahoha", "Qouli Ohebboka", "La Tetnahhad", "Aghazlak", "Ohebboki Jeddan", "Dalaa'", "Hafeyat Al Kadamain", "Kol Ma Tekbar Tehla", "Sabahoki Sokkar", "Ahebbini Bela Oqad".
Latest album: "Sowar" (2008).
Current record label: "Rotana".

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