Ehab Tawfik

Ehab Tawfik:
Ehab Tawfik is one of the most famous Egyptian singers since 1990s, and he is known of his very recognizable voice and special music style. Ihab has a big number of smash hits, in both sad and joyful styles, and he had continuous success between 1998 and 2005. Leaving "Rotana" records and joining "Mazzika" records affected negatively on Ihab's career, and caused weaker-than-usual achievements for his last 2 albums.   

Birth date: January 7, 1966.
Country: Egypt.
Number of released albums: 15.
Best-selling albums: "A'adda Ellil", "Ye'sha' El Amar", "Sahrani", "Habib El A'lb", "Humma Kelmetin", "Leih El Khesam", "Esmak Eh".
Most popular songs: "Rasamtak", "Marasil", "A'adda Ellil", "Aktar Men Kida", "Malhomsh Fel Tayeb", "Sahrani", "El Ayam El Helwa", "Tetragga Feya", "Allah Alek Ya Sidi", "Leh El Khesam", "A'al Gerah A'ader", "A'amel A'amla", "Ah Ya Nari", "Ya Salam".
Latest album: "Ahla Menhom" (2007).
Current record label: "Mazzika".

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