Hussain Al Jassmi

Hussain Al Jassmi:
Hussain Al Jassmi is the newest Best-seller artist in the Gulf region. His strong voice and "Dramatic" style songs created for him a big fan base in a very short period. Aljassmi's popularity reached out of the gulf region to include Egypt and the rest of the Arab World, specially after his smash hit "Bahebbek Wahashtini".

Birth date: N/A.
Country: United Arab Emirates.
Number of released albums: 5.
Best-selling albums: "Bawada'ak", "Aljassmi 2004", "Aljassmi 2006", "Ehtart A'abber".
Most popular songs: "Bawada'ak", "Gased", "Ya Soghr El Farh", "Ma Yeswa", "El Shaki", "Fegadtek", "Wakdellali", "Bahebbek Wahashtini".
Latest album: "Ehtart A'abber" (2007).
Current record label: "Rotana".


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