Georges Wassouf

Georges Wassouf:
Georges Wassouf is one of the most important singers in the new Arabic Music history. He started his career since he was a child, and he is known of singing the "Tarab" style. Wassouf has a huge popularity specially in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, & Palestine, and his career is full of smash hits that became a part of the musical culture in the Arab World.

Birth date: December 23, 1961.
Country: Lebanon.
Number of released albums: 15.
Best-selling albums: "Kalam El Nas", "Erda Bel Nassib", "Leil El Ashe'in", "Lessa El Donya Bkheir", "Tabib Garrah", "Doul Mush Habayeb", "Zaman El Ajayeb", "Inta Gherhom", "Salaf We Dein", "Etakhart Kteer".
Most popular songs: "Kalam El Nas", "Erda Bel Nassib", "Leil El A'ashe'in", "Ana Msafer", "Lessa El Donya Bkheir", "Elhawa Sultan", "Beta'atebni A'ala Kelma", "Tabib Garrah", "Ana Assef", "Doul Mush Habayeb", "Kida Kefaya", "Zaman El Ajayeb", "Youm El Wadaa'", "Inta Gherhom", "Habbeit Armi El Shabak", "Salaf We Dein", "Saber We Radi", "Etakhart Kteer", "O'ul El Kelmetein", "Khadni El Hanin", "Heya El Ayam", "Kalamak Ya Habibi", "A'allem Albi El Shouq".
Latest album: "Kalamak Ya Habibi" (2008).
Current record label: "Rotana".

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