Elissa is one of Best-Selling artists in the Arab World during the last 5 years. Her name shined since she participated in Ragheb Alama's song "Betgheeb Betrouh", and then she presented her own style of music, which is mostly known as romantic. Elissa won the WMA for "Best-Selling Artist In The Arab World" twice: In 2005 for "Ahla Donya" album, and in 2006 for "Bastannak" album. Elissa's best sale period is since 2003 until now.

Birth date: October 27, 1971.
Country: Lebanon.
Number of released albums: 6.
Best-selling albums: "Ayshalak" (2003), "Ahla Donya" (2005), "Bastannak" (2006), "Ayami Bik" (2008).
Most popular songs: "Baddi Doub", "Betgheeb Betrouh" (Feat. Ragheb Alama), "Ayshalak", "Agmal Ehsas", "Koll Youm Fi Omry", "Hobbak Wajaa'", "Bastannak", "Kermalak", "Law Tea'rafou", "Ayami Bik", "Betmoun".
Latest album: "Ayami Bik" (2008).
Current record label: "Rotana".

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