Diana Haddad

Diana Haddad:
Diana Haddad is a Lebanese singer known for singing all of the Arabic accents, she was a record-breaker since her first song "Saken" in 1996, and she is still considered until today as one of the most successful Arab female singers. The most special thing about Diana the singer, is that she does not limit herself in one style, she knows how to present a very wide range of music styles moving from the most rhythmic songs to the slow romantic ones. Diana's best sale period was from 1996 2002.

Birth date: October 1, 1976.
Country: Lebanon.
Number of released albums: 11.
Best-selling albums: "Saken" (1996), "Ahl El Esheg" (1997), "Ammaneh" (1997), "Yammaya" (1998), "Garh El Habib" (2000), "Akhbar Helwa" (2001).
Most popular songs: "Saken", "Lagetek", "Ahl El Esheg", "Ammaneh", "Yammaya", "Emshi Wara Kedbohom", "Shater", "Mani Mani", "Garh El Habib" (Feat. Muhammad Al Ezabi), "Elli Fi Bali", "Law Yesalouni" (Feat. Eitha Al Manhali), "Waily", "Mas We Louly" (Feat. Cheb Khaled).
Latest album: "Men Diana Ela" (2008).
Current record label: "Nojoom".

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