Assi Hillani

Assi Hillani:
Assi Hillani is one of the most popular Lebanese singers since early 1990s until now. Assi is known of his strong voice, and singing folkloric Lebanese music style, beside presenting a big number of smash hits in the 1990s and the last few years. Assi's best sale period was in late 1990s.

Birth date: November 28, 1970.
Country: Lebanon
Number of released albums: N/A.
Best-selling albums: "Wani Mareg Marret", "Naker El Maa'rouf", "Ahla El Oyoun", "Etr El Mahabba", "Forset Omor", "Keid Ozzalak", "Daggat Galbi".
Most popular songs: "Wani Mareg Marret", "Naker El Maa'rouf", "Mali Saber", "Athaboni W Athabouk", "Keid Outhalak", "Bhebbek We Bghar", "Dayem Doum", "Metl El Kezbi", "We En kan Alaya" (Feat. Grace Deeb), "Bo'ul Ma Bo'ul", "Sett El Settat", "O'uli Jaye" (Feat. Carole Saqer), "Habibi Yalli Nasini", "Bab A'am Yebke", "Jann Jnoni".
Latest album: "Yemken" (2008).
Current record label: "Rotana".


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