Angham is one of the most famous Egyptian female-singer in the new Arabic music history, since she started her singing career in 1980s. She is known of her slow romantic songs, and sensual voice. Angham's best sale period was after her smash hit "Sidi Wisalak".

Birth date: January 19, 1972.
Country: Egypt.
Number of released albums: 18.
Best-selling albums: "Leh Sebtaha" (2001), "Bahebbek Wahashtini" (2005).
Most popular songs: "Lalili Lali", "Bethabbaha Walla", "Sidi Wisalak", "Omri Maak", "Bahebbek Wahashtini", "Kull Ma Na'arrab".
Latest album: "Kull Ma Na'arrab" (2007).
Current record label: "Rotana".



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