Abdelmajid Abdallah

Abdelmajid Abdallah:
Abdelmajid Abdalla is one of the most popular singers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Abdelmajid abdalla was one of the first "Khaliji" singers who could make smash hits all over the Arab-World with his Saudi accent. Abedlmajid Abdalla's best sale period was in the middle of 1990s, and he is still one of the best-seller artists in the Gulf region.

Birth date: N/A.
Country: Saudi Arabia.
Number of released albums: N/A.
Best-selling albums: "Raheeb", "Ya Tayeb El Galb", "Inta El Aziz", "El Hobb El Jedid".
Most popular songs: "Raheeb", "Ya Tayeb El Galb", "Eddallaa'", "Metghayer Alay", "Kel A'am Wenta El Hobb", "Ghanno Le Habibi", "Lein Shafony".
Latest album: "Million Khater" (2008).
Current record label: "Rotana".


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