What Is Sherine Abdelwahab Waiting For?!
  By: Hitmarker.com | April 12, 2014

Sherine Abdelwahab

Sherine Abdelwahab's fans has been waiting for too long! 3 months passed since the release of her latest album 'Ana Kteer' and the Egyptian superstar did not release any music video yet!

While the album is still doing great on the charts - lands at #2 this week - it is unclear why is Sherine not supporting her album with a music video. This album is the first for her with 'Nogoum' records, which was expected to put all of its recources at Sherine's service.

With the big success upon its release, alongside the great reviews it received, the album gained a huge momentum but it gradually started to fade. Sherine had to give us a music video from day 1! You can't release an album and put it on the shelf. Sherine's whole release and publicity plan needs to be reevaluated. People love you and when you release such a great album they expect to see you EVERYWHERE.

Sherine was busy coaching on the Middle Eastern version of 'The Voice' on MBC for the past couple of months, but is that enough reason to neglect her new album? And when is she going to release a music video?



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