Top Arabic Music Videos Of The Month
  By: | July 16, 2011

Nancy Ajram

Arabic music video industry is back on track, after a few months break during the "Arab Spring". The most popular music video during this last month is "Ya Kether" by Nancy Ajram (with 3.353 million views on YouTube), followed by Nawal El Zoughby's "1100" video (1.286 million views on YouTube), Nicole Saba at #3 with "Kont Fi Hali" video (252.9 thosand views), "Tahwak" by Sofia Marrikh at #4 (192.7 thousand views), and "Ya Kel El Deni" by Joseph Attieh at #5 (161.1 thousand views).

Nancy Ajram's music videos keep making the biggest views numbers. "Fi Hagat", the first music video from her latest album, 7, is the most viewed Arabic music video ever on YouTube with more than 19 million views. Nancy made another record with her latest album "7", which stayed at #1 for 46 weeks on weekly charts for the best-selling Arabic albums.

Many new music videos were released this week, such as "Tesadda Bemeen" by Elissa, "Ma Tetezersh" by Shireen Abdelwahab, "Ma Fi Nowm" by Najwa Karam, and more. Which videos will be the most successful for the next month?


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