Nancy Ajram

The Arab Queen Of Pop Has A New Single:
Nancy Ajram's "Belhadawa" Re-creates Her Style

By: Bashar Zidane | July 26, 2010.

The Arab Queen Of Pop Nancy Ajram released recently a new single from her upcoming album, the song is called "Belhadawa" and it belongs to her Egyptian style of songs, with clear lines of recreating. The song has a new spirit with its lyrics, which made the whole track more grown up, compared to Nancy's hits such as "Ah We Nos" and "Ya Tabtab Ya Dalla". The song apparently requires listening to it for several days in order to discover its catchy part, but once you find it the song gets addictive!

The song which being played tens of times every day on radios all over the Arab World, entered the weekly song charts on #3 this week,, and unconfirmed news said that Nancy filmed it as a music video to be released with her new album which will be out in September.




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