Jesse McCartney Covers Glamoholic Magazine
  By: | February 26, 2012

Jesse McCartney Covers Glamoholic Magazine

International star Jesse McCartney covers the February 2012issue of Glamoholic Magazine. Jesse talked exclusively to the magazine about his latest acting projects, his upcoming album, "Have It All", and his debut fragrance, "Wanted By Jesse".

Jesse said about his upcoming album: "I think this album is a good balance between rhythmic and pop. It still has some of the urban flavor that began with the Departure album, but I have a range of producers who change-up the vibe of the music so I think there's something for everyone. As always, it's vocally-driven because that's what I do as an artist. It's also more personal content-wise."

"Stars Cafe" magazine will also publish the exclusive interview in its upcoming issue, translated to Arabic, as McCartney will be the cover star of Stars Cafe's February 2012.

The February issue of Glamoholic include an interview with model Nick Hissom on music, modeling, and charity. "My main focus since September has been music. Over the summer I was signed to a major European record label and I have been working very hard with some of the best producers in order to get an EP together. So far, a few tracks have been recorded and I even performed one of them in Mykonos in August. It was great fun and I love exploring a new industry and learning a new skill! However, music, modeling, events, philanthropy, and an Ivy League education have become a lot to juggle!" Nick shared with the magazine.




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