Muhammad Al Majzoub

Muhammad Al Majzoub With His First Album:
Did He Forget Rhythmic Songs?

By: Bashar Zidane | December 10, 2008.

The "X-Factor"-second-season-winner Muhammad Al Majzoub concentrated in his fist album "Hann Albi" (English: My Heart Missed You) on proving his voice abilities, showing his singing talent more than anything else.

Muhammad tried to repeat the same music style he presented in his first single "Ana Aamel Eh" (English: What Can I do?), and focusing on this classical style prevented him from making rhythmic songs that fit his age, and as a result, it sounded like there's something missing.
The best songs in the album are: "Hann Albi", "Hebbini" (Love Me), and "Allah Shu Bhebbak" (I Love You So Much), which made it to the top of the song-chart this week on "".

As a first album, "Hann Albi" is good enough to show Muhammad Al Majzoub's ability for being a star. Muhammad has to try different music styles in the near future, such as rhythmic Egyptian songs that can suit his young age and present him in a new image. "Rotana" has to lead its rising star to make the right choices so he can achieve more success.


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