Carole Smaha: Best Song In A TV Series
  By: Bashar Zidane | August 14, 2011

Carole Smaha

"Ramadan" is the month of TV competition. Hundreds of new shows are produced every year especially to be viewed during "Ramadan", and of course some singers get their piece of cake, weither in acting or singing the theme songs of these series.

This year, Lebanese artist Carole Smaha is starring in "Alshahroura", a biographical TV show about the life of the Lebanese legend singer and actress Sabah. Carole is not only acting beautifully on the show, but also presented a special song in the show theme titled "Maleka Ala Alard". The song is the best in all of "Ramadan" series for this year.

"Maleka Ala Alard" landed at #5 this week in weekly song charts, and it is the only theme song that made it to the charts until now since the beginning of 2011.



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