Hitmarker.com is the first independent body that tracks album sales in the Arab World, providing trusted charts for the best-selling albums and most-requested songs, on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Launching Hitmarker.com on the 12th of December 2008 sat a date for a revolution in the Arabic music industry, since before that date the music industry in the Arab World had no source for album sale figures. Hitmarker.com tracks the album sales through more than 50 big music stores in the Arab World, and will keep enlarging its source-base.

Every Sunday, Hitmarker.com will update the weekly charts and the news sections, providing you with the latest view of the music industry in the Arab World. The Hitmarker.com album charts are based on sale figures, so you can decide the results by buying the records. The song charts are based on the Hitmarker.com surveys all over the Arab World, taking in consideration the song popularity in public, most requested songs on radio channels, and most requested music videos on TV channels.

Moreover, Hitmarker.com has the widest database on Arab artists. In the "Artists" section you can find the best online information about the best-selling artists in the Arab World during the last 10 years, the "World Music Awards" winners, and the music breakers that appeared lately in the Arabic music industry and achieved a noticed success.

Hitmarker.com is one of "Stars Cafe" Entertainment Media group web-sites, which was established in 2005, and runs currently the widest Arabic Entertainment web-site chain online. 



Bashar Zidane
Hitmarker Publisher, President of "Stars Cafe" group.
Bashar Zidane is the owner, editor-in-chief, and designer of "Stars Cafe" group. In 2005, Zidane established "Stars Cafe" monthly magazine, and during the last 3 years he launched "Stars Cafe" online radio, "Graphic Cafe" online art-gallery, and "Beljaw" online daily entertainment newspaper.

- Raghda Safwat
- Muhammad Al Sayed
- Jaafar Omari
- Marwan Alameh




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